Cooking up ideas!

Cooking up Curiosity!

Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. These pursuits are often associated with innovation, progress, and prosperity. But to many kids, these fields can also seem intimidating, inaccessible, or even downright 'boring'.

Hey, what about Art and Design? How do those more traditionally creative, 'left brained' pursuits work together with the more traditional sciences? How can a child with more artistic motivations recognize the value of science and technology in their own creative education? How can a future scientist recognize the value of creativity and imagination? What if we taught it all together, and let the left and right brains amaze and inspire each other?

Such questions are the motivation behind STEM to STEAM, an initiative championed by the Rhode Island School of Design, and an educational movement rapidly being adopted by educators across the globe.

The lessons in STEAM Cooker are designed to introduce this cool stuff to kids. The lessons here use interactive videos and web illustrations to minimize the difficulty and geekiness and embrace creative thought across technical and artistic fields. They're equal parts 'artsy' and 'techie', and 100% fun!

Make no mistake - STEAM Cooker isn't going easy on STEM! These lessons tackle some pretty advanced topics, but in unintimidating ways that even young grade schoolers can enjoy. Interactive videos and games engage new students with real-world applications of STEAM learning. More curious students can venture into 'deep dive' explorations of the same topics. Teachers and caregivers can enjoy learning together with their kids. Each lesson has content to help grown-ups continue discussion and exploration once the lesson is complete.

Now let's stir up our imagination, sprinkle in our curiosity, and cook up some fun!

About STEAM Cooker

STEAM Cooker is a collaborative project created by Ed Hebert and Mithila Fox.

Mithila and Ed are graduate students in the Digital Media and Instructional Design program at Harvard Extension School.

Ed lives near Cambridge, Massachusetts and Mithila's located in Brisbane, Australia.